Jaakko Seppälä, Master of philosophy, mathematician from Kuopio and a junior level programmer.

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About me

I am Jaakko Seppälä, a mathematician and a consultant from Kuopio. I provide tutoring and consulting via email, Zoom, or Signal. I graduated from the university of Helsinki in 2009.

I really enjoy teaching and doing research on mathematics. As a teacher I am bracing and supportive. I want people to learn things well. I have learn pedagogy from the Jyväskylä vocational school. I also teach programming for kids in the company named Koodikaverit.

I work with Ubuntu. I know Python and Java as a professional level. I have experience on those in several works. I have also learned web development in Jyväskylä vocational school. I have learned CSS, JavaScript, HTML 5, Angular, PHP, Node.js, and PHP. I can do small homepages.


About works I have done

My education is a mathematician. I work as a light entrepeneur via invoicing company. I have done seven years of teaching. I have also done programming in several companies.


Price list

I use invoicing company Kassavirtanen. For person I teach with price 28 €/60 min on Monday to Friday. Outside my home I teach with price 31 €/h from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays I add 3 €/h. For etrepreneurs the price will be added 24 % value added tax. If you want to pay without invoicing service, please note that you have to fill the details to the incomes register. to Sunday.

Take contact

It was a pleasure you read thusfar. Got any questions? Take contact how can I help you. My phone/Whatsapp/Signal is +358 50 591 4199 and email is Jaakko.J.Seppala@gmail.com

GDPR on 10th of March 2021

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